About us

The hunting agency "Ural Hunting" organizes hunting for wild boar, roe deer, boron game, as well as fishing for tourists who are not indifferent to the search for new discoveries, emotional surge.

For millennia, man was in complete harmony with the animal and plant world. With the onset of the agrarian and then industrial revolution, Homo sapiens gradually chained itself into chains of concrete, asphalt, office buildings, lack of time, fast food, and pathological stress.

Each of us languishes in the expanses of the forest, clean air, the purest water of the mountain keys, the sounds of the fauna. In each of us the real hunter-gatherer slumbers.

We offer you an amazing opportunity to wake up this gene and learn all the primitive desires. Overcome obstacles, be able to navigate the difficult route, see the Ural fauna: wild boar, elk, wolf, roe deer, foxes and hares, feathered birds. Get the trophy as a true stone age hunter using your stalking and trapping skills. Especially for you, we will prepare for the order a “stuffed animal” of the captured trophy that will remind you of your fearlessness and strong personality.

Between the hunting days, it will be pleasant to raze in the Ural reservoirs, rich in various kinds of fish. A quality catch is guaranteed.

At the end of the hunt, like any breadwinner, real Ural cuisine, rich in animal proteins and rich local dishes, awaits. Our chefs will prepare for you delicacies from forest meat, which is famous for its beneficial properties.

We provide both individual tours and work with groups of hunters. We consider any suggestions and suggestions.

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